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Ensuring Safe Arrival of Technological Singularity

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Most large organizations like corporations and countries today are trying to create their own A.I.

However, corporations and countries have been observed to conduct unethically, and not benevolently to people. There is no guarantee of responsibility, sentience and friendliness of corporations in general. Moreover, it is not entirely clear what particular goal is a particular corporation’s automated business decision-making systems are driven by.

We run a risk, that if some single corporation comes up with an A.I., that is better at survival than others, it out-competes all others, and spreads.

So, instead of secretly doing one’s own personal or corporate system to achieve its goals, I think, for the sake of creating a friendly A.I., it could be much better to develop a public, open-source, risk management and planning system that’s acceptable, understood, and desired by all.

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So, now, the Homebase is an attempt at that as well. We lack here markets, which is important part of the whole world's business. The markets part actually is in the making, pretty much by everyone in every different niches, though I have some ideas for that, too, which I'll describe a bit later.