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Since "Community Reader" ( is now a thing, what follows is a question to you all -- what other sources do you want to see in the reader? :) Currently there is one source (the innovative ideas from Halfbakery), but I'm planning on other sources, and considering:

Please, suggest your sources. The benefit of the reader is that you can research content, and have easy way to then reshare it on as a Question, Idea or Project.

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Google :)

Google :)

    : Mindey
    :  -- 
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Ruta, 💤

Chrunchbase, Angelist, Product Hunt, Kickstarter. But it would be interesting to see sources for impact startups...

Maybe itself as a source in the Library? :)

In addition to ideas, human behavior is also very interesting. In addition, there are many ways of interaction and cooperation between people and human groups that are worth learning and broadening their horizons. I am interested in how to promote interaction and cooperation between people?


It looks like is not bad~

看起来 不错〜

The list of everything is also very good, with more active thoughts and discussions~


+1 on product hunt