Security of Investment Into Bleeding-Edge Innovation

How to create way of transparent investment into novel ideas, that would secure positions for idea authors and investors without expensive process of patenting and startup development, and allows public's involvement in innovation process?

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Open innovation and investment has a potential to solve humanity's greatest challenges, but sharing ideas on modern social media does not have a direct path from idea-to-market. There is no solution on-line for transparent investment into trying out novel ideas, which would secure positions for idea authors and investors, without the expensive process of patenting, and startup development.

Bright scientists and imaginative geeks continue to discuss advanced concepts at elusive locations of the Internet, - the remains of UseNet, like Everything List, SL4, LessWrong, Halfbakery, and so on. These ideas share there as plain text, no matter how bright, generally don't make it into any funding platforms to be tried out. The modern instant-gratification and market-driven platforms usually require a prototype of an attractive product, or a well-traded coin to convince investors, but few innovators are willing to spend the resources, and months of uncertainty to build prototypes, or spend on marketing to promote a coin, and so the bright, potentially life-saving ideas continue to die.

How could we save them?

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Perhaps patenting could be replaced by law. Once messages in public are cryptographically signed, and engraved into blockchains, the traditional police would find it very cheap to verify authenticity, making explicit patenting unnecessary.