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Frontier Science and Technology

Technologies with high promise for science-fiction-like futures.

YAML [edit]

There are research directions and industries today that are at the frontier of the advances necessary to bring about the possibilities of the future, that are currently seen only in our imaginations or science fiction.

The frontier science, however, would be only those areas that are at the boundary of what's possible, not too far into the real of the impossible. For example, femto-technology may be not yet in the realm of "Frontier Science and Technology", but "Longevity Science" is.

This category will be modified as the frontier advances into the future.

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Science fiction is to explore the possible future, and we can regard the science and technology that may be realized in the near future as cutting-edge science and technology. Hope there are more scientists like Arthur C. Clarke to write science fiction ~

科幻小说就是探索可能的未来,我们可以将其中近未来可能实现的科学和技术视作前沿科学技术。希望有更多像阿瑟·克拉克(Arthur C. Clarke)这样的科学家去写科幻小说〜

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