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Water Intelligence

What knowledge or information does water carry?

YAML Interest

Water makes up most of the planet Earth and the human body. I'm curious about a thought that water is circulating throughout all bodies and waters on Earth. My imagination tells me - water is like a library of all life's knowledge.

My intention is to explore Water Intelligence theme through arts with the following questions:

  • What can we learn from water's properties?

  • What information does water carry?

  • Why life needs water in general?

  • What ways we can explore water - sound (ocean's noise), data (oceanography: currents), storytelling, ..?

  • Which visual symbols tell a story of water as intelligence? e.g. Spirals, Vortex, ..

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My understanding is that water is alive and conscious - if you say the word Jesus around water the water changes. The bible refers to "living water" as the spirit -

There is also the concept of holy water -

The superstructure of water surface looks like neurons - like a fractal:

This is how neurons look -

In occult teachings we say "as above, so below" - the motion of electrons around a neutron resembles planets around a star. The same applies to the spirit. A tiny fly or ant has a small amount of consciousness of colours, motion, sensory input. It's alive. Just like us but at a smaller scale. I would go as far to say that inanimate objects are conscious but perceive different things that organic creatures do. God is very clever.