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Integrate Avatar Systems to Share Skills and Experience

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Accelerating the integration of emerging and exponential technologies into a multipurpose avatar system that will seamlessly transport human skills and experience to the exact location where and when they are needed.

  • Avatars could give the experience of your presence and care to anyone instantly, regardless of distance.
  • Avatars could transport critical life-saving skills in real-time to remote, disaster-struck areas where it is too dangerous for humans to go.
  • Experts can utilize avatars to provide unique services or rare trade skills for critical maintenance or repairs.

"The ANA Avatar XPRIZE can enable creation of an audacious alternative that could bypass these limitations allowing us to more rapidly and efficiently distribute skill and hands-on expertise to distant geographic locations where they are needed, bridging the gap between distance, time and cultures."

— Peter H. Diamandis

UPDATE: In order to complete the challenge, the robot avatar will need to serve as a surrogate for a remotely connected human, carrying out tasks and transmitting a variety of detailed sensory data back to the operator.

Source: ANA Avatar XPRIZE: $ 10M (bridging distance, time & culture.)

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