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Monitoring Human Bodies for Health

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Currently, each vehicle has an average of 60-100 sensors on board (as of 2017), or even 400 (as of 2019), as the cars are rapidly getting “smarter”. However human bodies, except for mobile phone sensors, have zero other sensors to monitor health and automatically report the health issues.

This lack of monitoring results in deaths, that could be preventable with sensors, that monitor blood supply, and vital signs all the time. It is true that in most cases, no matter the original cause of death, people die from some sort of internal blood supply, or constriction issue, that prevents information or physical asset flow within our bodies. The major flows (or asset loops) are not monitored for disruption.

We have automatic fire alarms, but not for our internal homes -- our bodies. That needs to change. We should create a massively scalable solutions to help monitor everyone's health for emergencies.

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Like, even people who die of cancer, are likely dying just because of loacal O2 levels dropping, most of the time.