Web-based People's Self-Organization Tool


A service or tool to form interest groups by voting on features of ideas as part of reading.


Today, we generally vote for a single instance, like an article or post. However, rarely do we agree with everything within an idea's description: rather, we like just particular parts of the ideas, and would like to get them realized. It's much easier to agree upon a single feature, rather than entire ideology of an arbitrary idea.

So, this would be a special service on the web that allows authors to generate an HTML IDs for blocks of text for granular voting on statements within those texts, meanwhile collecting information about voter's skills and resources potentially available for realization of those statements.

The hoped outcome is that this would enable groups of people interested in realization of particular features contained within fractions of the texts during their reading process online, to self-organize into purposeful interest groups, and that would allow faster implementation of actual features that people want.

How would this work?

  1. The process would involve idea authors and the general public (the readers), and this special Service (or tool).
  2. The idea authors describe their ideas anywhere, e.g., in their personal blogs or any sites that support HTML.
  3. The idea authors log into the Service's website to generate a unique HTML ID, -- text block identification token.
  4. The idea author then sees the HTML ID for their idea text, and JavaScript that generates clickable objects for each statement within the idea text with the ID.
  5. The idea author then surrounds their idea text with a neutral tag like SPAN, and copies the script, which converts it to paragraph-wise or sentence-whise click-able object, whereby on each paragraph or sentence the reader can vote, and see number of votes, as well as usernames of people who had showed their interest to take part in realizing that aspect of an idea. Merely hovering on a sentence would show the number of people that want the feature described in the sentence, and would like to support someone trying to realize it.
  6. The reader who wants to participate clicks to join the particular statement. In case the reader is already logged-in, the number turns to higher count, otherwise the reader is asked to register or sign in.
  7. The reader who is registering can optionally fill-in some information about his skills and areas of competences available.
  8. The idea author then is able to view all the participants in the list, as well as every other participant can view it by logging into the Service's website with their account.

Groups of people with shared interest in realizing particular features emerge, informed about each other's existence and potential resources available: so someone who wants to get collaborators, can easily have a list of people to contact with, and more realistically think of realizing one or another aspect of interest.

Disclosure: I'm actually thinking of adding this feature for a test ride over here, at 0oo :) Let's see.

Credits: Inyuki of HalfBakery.


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Could this be a sentence by sentence thing?

Ideally something as simple as the bible's numbering system would work if people split up their articles whereby every one or two sentences is a verse that can be referenced.

Yes, of course, it could be sentence-by-sentence. What's attractive about this idea, is that it could be easy to make it hyper-scalable, due to simple model.

Yes, people rarely agree with everything, but more about the parts.

Such behaviour is seen everywhere in communication! So I think this idea would help people have a sense of "togetherness" rather than "conflict".

So, I aligned this idea with a category "Humans as Community".

How would this feature look like from a user interface perspective? Something similar like comments within Google Docs or Medium articles?

[Ruta], something like "Disqus.com" :)