Blog 2.0


Blog that works on your turf (e.g., server), yet has all the social networking and social media conveniences and capabilities.


Social media is blocked in various countries, due to political reasons. Yet, social media is constantly evolving, providing a variety of advanced features, making it more attractive for users to write than maintaining their personal blogs, that usually are less convenient to interact.

Unfortunately, there is no single platform, except for, potentially -- a personal blog -- where where you could write and expect that everyone won't have a problem to see it. If you write something in a popular social media platform, it is likely that what you write is already blocked in one or other country.

Hence, an idea of Blog 2.0.

In Blog 2.0 you would define your friends even before their registration on your blog, by providing their authentication identities in different social identification systems (from e-mail to OAuth to public keys to biometric fingerprints, etc.).

Then, no matter which identification system the friend uses to log on to your blog, he or she would immediately be recognized as a particular friend, and only the posts that were supposed to be visible to that identity would actually be visible to the user. Moreover, the comments would have many visibility options, such as "only chosen people can see the comment", or "only mutual friends on a chosen set of social networks can see the each other's comment" would also be options available.

The personal blog would also be an integrated personal data provider, supporting various protocols to communicate with the outside world.

Edited version of original Inyuki's post at HalfBakery.


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