Design Viruses That Affects Only Cancer Cells?



Oncolytic virotherapy had been tried long a go, however, with advances in biotechnology, it became more feasible. Oncolytic viruses are also capable of inducing an anti-tumour immune response.

Specific question then is, how to design such selective oncolytic viruses?

General approach could be -- sequence normal human cells, sequence tumor cells, and attack the difference.

As of 2014, genome sequencing cost has dropped to $1000 per genome. (Google: "genome sequencing price")


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[ruta], [shamkir], seems like this approach has found its way -- in the news The FDA Just Approved One Cancer-Killing Virus. Expect More. :) I think, if a project is already existing, it would be nice to link it and make a virtual project (e.g., extra field .is_link (e.g., plan.is_link = True))... Wrote to possible tasks :)