Left Lobe Extension


The neural interface to connect our minds into one, and extend our creative, and problem-solving capacity.


It looks like the left lobe of human brain is responsible for the vast majority of our technological achievements. The extension would be a neural extension for our minds to connect for systematic problem solving.

It would be based on nano-electrodes and semantic concept map building.

First, we would attach a specialized material with nano-electrodes onto the surface of the brain. This would allow us to read the signals and signal to the brain. This would secure the communication and data source.

Second, we would start building a concept map by providing stimulating conceptual imagery, sounds, and requests to think about concepts. We would use artificial neural networks or machine learning in general to associate the patterns of brain activity that constitute every concept.

Given that we have created a concept map for several people, and their concept sets overlap, we would create a routing mechanism to allow the sending and receiving of conceptual thoughts, so that when one person reasons about something, another person perceives the reasoning as a sequence of concepts.

This would allow:

  • learning someone's thinking patterns just by having the trains of thoughts of another person run through your conceptual map
  • understanding someone's concepts unknown to you by having the combinations of concepts constituting a definition be thought about, when another person thinks of concept being defined.
  • retaining our thinking on important problems with extended short-term memory, and leveraging on the experiences of many people at once.
  • increasing the speed at which the collaborative thinking happens

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Is this description okay? :) Not sure yet. Seems like Stephen Wolfram thought of something like this.