Mosquito-Sensing Alarms in Rooms



Combine a sensitive microphone, a mosquito sound frequency recognizer, solar battery and a speaker, to construct alarm devices.

There are several things that NPOs are doing to help prevent the mosquito bites -- offering mosquito bed nets, and probably mosquito traps. People are able to build mosquito traps themselves from water, yeast and sugar to emit CO2 and PET bottles, however, there seem to be no alarm mechanisms to reduce the likelihood of being bitten even more.

These alarming device selectively be sensitive to just mosquito sound, and would go off whenever there is a mosquito flying in a room. Since the bite of a mosquito is a threat to life, the alarms (in addition to mosquito nets in the windows) or would be appropriate measure of safety.

Since there is usually no electricity in the regions where this is a problem, solar-powered, chargeable alarms would be appropriate.


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