N-Love Net


An on-line "tinder-like" service to match larger groups for "love graphs".


Marvin Minsky once suggested an alternative family for human reproduction:

We have 46 chromosomes, 23 from each parent. [...] Imagine that you have 46 people, scan their chromosomes, and let them choose which chromosomes they would like to contribute to create babies, and let each such group of 46 parents have 15 children. In such case, those children would get plenty of support, nurturing and mentoring [...] and everyone would be totally happy.

I sure like it. "Rich and fulfilling social life" was found to be the key distinguishing factor of people who identified themselves as "happy". Having a larger group of people is by definition an enrichment of social life.

However, how would one choose the complementary people?

Here is where "N-Love Net" database would come into place:

You choose the number N -- the desired family size, and

  • get combinatorially matched up with subgraphs of the social network based on people reviewing each others' profiles and liking each others until groups match.
  • The graph connectedness (the number of directional eges) would be used to order such subgraphs, most connected subgraph at the top.
  • Users would be provided with attempt online group meetings to test the group potential.

Such group meetings would likely allow to discover good matches to carry over to the future meetings, and not so good matches.

The N-Love Net would be gender-agnostic, and could have different modes: for those seeking bioengineering mates, and those seeking for non-bio engineering mates, or both. In any of the cases, intellectual creativity, complementarity and synergy would be among the most important factors, because both types of engineering (biological or otherwise) would require skills in dealing with data and tools.


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