Optimizer for Our Dream



Infer Life Intent, and Create Systems to Optimize for It

Recently, many luminaries had expressed concerns regarding the superintelligence, which is predicted to arise from our exponential technological progress. The concerns include things like the superintelligence control problem, convergent instrumental goals, and others.

A case of the Infinity Project regarding solving the problem of superintelligence, is the creation of optimization system that optimizes for the goal that we collectively define. Today, it is free market capitalism, which integrates people's wills and drives economic activities. Tomorrow, it could be superintelligence.

One way to make sure that superintelligence is optimizing for what we truly want as life, is to correctly infer our desire, and optimize for them.

Optimizer for Our Dream would be such system that infers, and assures that it inferred our dreams correctly, and optimizes for them. The creation of such system would have two stages:

  1. Conceptualization system. (intent inference engine)
  2. Optimization system. (action choice engine)

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I think we have to reliably encode our desires into the system. Everyone must feed in their desires for this superoptimizer to work. It could also try optimize everyone identically.

I have an idea I call want marketplaces for the collection and aggregation of wants. There's a possibility of fusion there.


‘Hope’ market! Interesting idea! "Categories" is a wish list, I want to add to it ...

[chronological] ‘希望’市场!有趣的想法!“Categories”就是愿望清单,我要向里面添加添加……