Idea Shiritori


A group activity for parties: an invention game around problems.


This would be a kind of "I've got a better idea" game, that plays like Shiritori ("しりとり") of ideas on problems.

It would probably play best on a call with 20 or so people: a moderator presents everyone with a problem from a problem pool, and recites it. Gives 5 minutes for everyone to think of ideas to solve it. People are free to raise their hands if they have an idea for solution. Moderator waits for the sufficient number of people (e.g., 10%) to have come up with a solution.

Then, the moderator points to someone in the class who also raised their hand, and asks for their solution. The chosen person recites the solution, and if there's no screaming that this isn't a solution, the chosen person proceeds to point to another person, and asks for their different solution. If that other person doesn't have a different solution, they lose. The people who did not raise hands in the beginning, have time to come up with some new idea until their turn comes. If they don't, they lose when their turn comes.


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