A Numeric Code to Refer to Goals and Ideas, etc.


Design a code name system to refer to goals and ideas, easy to use in any language.


Use culturally-neutral supra-organizational IDs for goals, ideas, projects, etc. to refer to them in multilingual media, so that it is clear what goals and ideas we are representing, regardless of language. For example, it is probably not hard to imagine "G 15", "G 20", "I 120", etc. becoming well known, like brand names.

In fact, on Infinity Project, we already have something like it, for example, we use letters and our database object IDs to refer to:

  • G [Goal]
  • I [Idea]
  • P [Plan/Project]
  • S [Step/Milestone]
  • T [Task]

Make this database available over API, and IDs - globally-register-able.


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Atomic numbers define the properties of atoms. So numbers are identities.

    : Mindey
    :  -- 
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Maybe the numbers of nucleons within atoms are associated with integer sequences - who knows? That said, numbers can be namespaced, just like variables in OOP programming languages, and it is already being widely used in various domains.

I was wrong of the logarithm being used for ranges between atom subshells..not sure why I thought that.

The distribution of atomic numbers is interesting too.