City Skates Standard


Swappable Body Vehicles standard for car bodies swappable in minutes, for modern city life, and private car body ownership.


Swappable body vehicles (SBV) exist. Some are used for deliveries (e.g., Boxbot), whereby a smart chassis routes boxes around the city. However, there are no current global or regional standards for such delivery skates, which could be useful for more than just automated deliveries:

  • Rental skates for privately owned car bodies, that come to your garage and automatically attach to your car's body whenever you need to drive could be economically more efficient than owning entire car.

  • Rental skates that work like boats for crossing bodies of water, instead of bridges could be cheaper than building bridges.

According to the Bard, it is expected that standards for delivery skates will be finalized within the next few years by organizations like GALE, CEN and NIST, and once these standards are in place, it is likely that we will see a rapid growth in the adoption of delivery skates in cities around the world.

However, the entire standardization effort seems to be focused solely on the autonomous vehicles, which might not be sufficiently broad, to encompass the broader usability of those standards for car ownership (to make owning a car body without chassis be a viable option for a personal solution to transportation).

City Skates Standard would be the standard encompass these considerations, to broader applications of skates, outside the domain of just autonomous vehicles.

Envision a future where rental skates seamlessly attach to privately owned car bodies, and you can drive them non-autonomously. This would reduce the need for owning an entire vehicle, ensuring economic efficiency while reducing the environmental impact of excessive car production.

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


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