Extraterrestrial Nanolaser Transceivers


Fire self-aligning nano-lasers at near the speed of light to create a 'fiber optic' channel reaching to nearby another star.


Today, nanolasers are small, like 35nm each (see link). As a receiver, put a photo-sensor of the same size. Attach a battery and counterweight with a tiny computer to adjust directions. Envelope in omnidirectional photosensor matrix. Test. Mass produce. Create a linear magnetic accelerator in space. Release. Use as a communication channel for any miro-sized probe travelling in parallel. Enjoy hi-res pictures of planets nearby another star.

Related link: World’s Smallest Semiconductor Laser Created by University of Texas Scientists

This idea should be under a goal of reaching other star systems, under space travel category.


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Interesting. Could these transceivers be also applied for very cheap communications on earth? Small lasers are cheap. {0.5}

I think, the nano-transceivers could also have a specific design, so that the information could be transferred, e.g., via light polarization, so that the computing could be performed within SENTs as if they were a single Turing-machine.