Infinity-Powered Stocks



So, one of the ideas regarding Infinity, is that we provide a public space for companies to run projects, connecting them with global goals, and ideas, which the projects are based on, and provide internal-external time-based accounting, valuation (based on steps hierarchy, and StepIO) and investing system, that results in time-based stocks co-created by investors and doers.

On the other hand, ETH20, BigChainDB, and other frameworks allow us to issue trade-able stocks with security guarantees of ownership, etc.

What the combination of the two may provide, is the ability for projects on-line to issue stocks, that have the transparency of whole project task hierarchies.

What such stocks mean, is that the investor can always investigate companies up to the granularity of its all tasks and participants. In other words, have a full picture of not just the things that outside investor may see, but all the things that the insider investor can see.

This way, as people would be describing needed time, and expected results in each task, value-focused investor may easily see the automatically computed value over time, based on all of the project's assets over time.

Due to the distributed, hierarchical nature of Infinity, it may be easier to work, if certain companies focus on running the whole infinity nodes, and take care of the legal issues in formalizing stocks within one or another framework (e.g., some may focus on ERC20 as framework, others may focus on specific country's law as framework.)

Then, such organizations would work as platform providers, with the legal, financial, and other types of assistance for the users, who create companies with Infinity-Powered Stocks.


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A company can have facets of other companies running through it.

// A company can have facets of other companies running through it.

It can, in many ways. For example, one company (e.g., company=government), can provide a platform for companies to function. Other companies are simply functioning as subsidiaries, and others still -- provide part of the ecosystem that governments do not provide, for example, co-working spaces, web assets, like block-chain infrastructures, and so on.

All that being true, we're searching, I think, for a good mix, that would enable our community to function perfectly fine, even on an isolated island, or on Mars, providing the basic economic services, like a normal country or a union would.

The way I see the generation of stocks right now though, is the same as products, -- i.e., a project can issue its stocks as products, for investors to buy.