"A Global League of Sustainable Cities"



The idea is to invite cities of the world to pledge a percentage of their budget to solve the greatest challenges, and form a coalition that eclipses the importance of nation-states:

The submission takes notice of the increased importance of cities in current policy making, and proposes a Global League of Sustainable Cities, circumventing current status quo of nation-states. The league creates a global network of hundreds of sustainable cities that synchronize their policies according to the best practices available to rapidly and decisively lead a fight against climate change, environmental damage, poverty, and violence. The League is open to all the cities in the world that want to be part of the solution to current problems, each pledging a percentage of their budget. The model creates a governing body, a general assembly, a body of experts, and a common know-how database using resources from the world’s top-200 cities initially invited. Votes are decided by simple majorities. Appointed expert juries recommend policies and can also sanction cities violating agreements.

by Adrian Mihălțianu at globalchallenges.org


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Who would invite the cities to start pledging part of their budget for that, and how would the invitations have to be framed to make them work?