Problems: Seas.

Dolphin voice commands controlled equipment


Use the mature voice commands recognition technology in combination with robotics, to see what would dolphins create, if they had the ability to use hands and more.


Parrots had been found to learn to use voice commands and ask questions, yet I had not found any scientific article on equipping dolphins with voice-controlled robotic limbs.

Assuming that nobody has tried voice-controlled tools, like robotic arms or other equipment, to enable dolphins perform self-motivated creative construction activities, we have to try it! If dolphins are very adept at modulating sounds, they must be able to modulate voice commands way more advanced than humans, and do all sorts of things from triggering to modulating actions, directions, etc.

I just hadn't I seen anyone try this, so, one of the implementations: imagine a zero-weight underwater floating robotic arms, that a dolphin could attach to with pectoral fins, then say a command to switch on the suction pumps to attach it snugly to be able to control the direction tightly (and a command to disable pumps to detach the device from oneself). Then, imagine that the device could have torch light (or ultrasound background), that they could turn on and off with another voice command. Then, the robotic arms: they could listen to general pectoral fins direction, and have commands to grab and release slowly, with the ability to up or down the pitch to modulate the grabbing force, perhaps by the level of frequency or pitch patterning corresponding to different levels of grabbing force. Then, there could be commands to translate, rotate, and do other more complex actions -- you get the idea. Perhaps they could even use the directionality of their sonar as a joystick to precision-control the direction, etc.

The military must have tried this and researched it, because of obvious utility, but maybe they had not? I frankly would love to see what creativity could come out of dolphins' minds, and perhaps, being able to work on something together (like playing with underwater construction games) is among the steps for humans to learn dolphin and vice versa.


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