Interactive YAML Notes!



So, for example, Metadrive, serializes data on disk in form of YAML, which brings methods to data instances ("interactive data"). We edit notes with various types of editors, which are approaching what the functionality of outliners. In fact, YAML is perfect for serializing outlines, perhaps much more so than OPML, because it the representation is much closer to what would be rendered as outlines. Considering that instances serialized have sessions and methods brought by metadrive, it is easy to imagine that editors could provide bindings to look up and call those methods associated with each file, this way providing the interactivity to notes!

So, for example, if this post is a "infinity post" (i.e., it's on, it can live on my desktop as a file, and I can reply it just directly through editor, while editing it in the serialized form.

This kind of notes would give power back to users to initiate decisions directly from personal wiki, which stores partial copy of the web data.

(One could imagine using MongoDB or something instead of Disk, sure.)


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