Super-Budget Cryonics at Home


Use consumer-grade freezer to have a shot in future resurrection: burying heads in house refrigerators instead of graves. (Why? Cause mammoth brains structurally okay-ish.)


While standard cryonics vitrifies people in liquid nitrogen, trying to provide high quality preservation, this is not affordable to most people. Nevertheless, we have examples of mammoth brains preserved quite well for tens of thousands of years, just by being under a few tens of degrees below zero.

This suggests that probably we don't need super-low temperature to preserve basic structures, just low enough to have brain in the solid form, as solids generally don't change that much over time, and with high enough technology (with AI that can solve jigsaw puzzles from crystal orientations, that will not be very complex), it would be possible to scan the information off of them after many decades to come.

Decent cryoprotectants like Erythrol being widely available in supermarkets. To protect from oxidation, vacuum bags may be important to use, and also widely available.

Instead of burying, people already can afford to have the brains of their loved ones cryopreserved in consumer-grade freezers. It may even be a cheaper option than burying.

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


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