Organs-Funded Cryonics


Freeze heads or brains, and get organs pay for the costs of cryopreservation...


A type of donor-ship contract for your wetware, based on a market for organs, pre-matching, and satisfying conditions of exchange, to get selling of organs pay for cryopreservation of the heads or just brains.

In principle, this would be a service that works closely with cryonics service providers, like,, etc., and hospitals that need organ transplants, merging the markets for neuro-cryonics, and organs for transplantation.

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


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I think with the data about the volumes (the organs needed, prices at which organs sell, and at which cryonics services are provided) we could quickly reveal the locations of the world, where this approach is realistically viable statistically. If it is, the next step could be devising the procedures protocol, as both events (removal of organs and cryonics) have to happen nearly simultaneously.