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Providing community members with security and safety through Oximeters.
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This would be a project and work group and a startup to provide community members' health monitoring and summoning help services. Currently, this project is a placeholder for my works on the Oximeter Popularization via wristbands like smart watches, as described in the parent idea.

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Wow, that's great [libberro], and very interesting! If that is the case, and you need space to share +[results], you can use this project, or another project based on the parent idea.

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Yeah I have the same idea, I'm testing a Max30102 device to do that though, since wristbands aren't that accurate.

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I think the first step, is to verify, how reliably and battery-energy cheaply it would be possible to collect oximeter data from various smart watches that support this feature, starting with the one I already have, so will be trying that some time soon.

Regarding the emergency event handling side, I think, multiple cloud-based approaches could be used. I find the idea of combining taxi services with ambulance services to cut the help arrival time in half, interesting, but that would be another idea for a micro-service.

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