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Transform clothes, transform feelings
YAML Project

A hobbyist project about transforming second-hand clothes to wearable art that expresses the concepts of living systems.

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I got a manequin and started fashion course and a map of my inspirations on Miro as well as I have a collection of outfits as materials. I'm a bit overwhelmned now I have to say. Also a purpose of this project has changed a bit. So I'm thinking how to evolve.

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I was wondering where to begin with this concept of "wearable art" and I felt like I need to narrow down and start small.

What is a "prototype", a test for me?

  • One garmet transformed! I chosen a one-colour jacket.

  • And I want to test and see if a "transformation ritual" works out for me to. Do I feel different after making the piece?


  1. So I identified a feeling I want to transform (I don't have a word for it now, a chest feeling).

  2. From living systems, I chosen "a boundary" concept.

  3. In the jacket, I chosen a part for remaking - shoulders. Because they express the idea of a boundary between self and the world.

Up next: Looking for materials for shoulders transformation. I imagine the finished piece having a feeling of lightness,after-a-storm feeling, flight, fluidity, maybe pieces moving in the air when walking.

to be continued...

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