Avoiding Creation of Predatory Superintelligence

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So, as life on Earth evolves, we are creating all kind of supra-organisms, e.g., various organizations. We are also creating new mediums like the Internet at large. However, within such mediums, it is possible to imagine that some organizations or information structures could become super-intelligent and predatory, like we humans are -- at the top of food chain.

Currently, there are already groups of people who treat other people and companies as merely workforce. Considering the collectively-strategic nature of certain such groups, they are examples of modern predatory super-intelligent supra-organisms.

However, such supra-organisms don't have to be based on people's intelligence. It could be something more complex, like mass media plus symbiotically interlinked microorganisms (e.g., microorganisms that modify the psychology of people by blocking empathy.)

It would be great to have ideas of avoidance of any such scenarios.

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