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Geomagnetic storms

How to manage the risk of wide range electronics outage?

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With the ease and convenience of integrating hardware with computers, we tend to use computers and electronics for our critical systems.

However, there are many things that can happen to electronics -- from global electromagnetic storms (like the 1859 solar storm) to computer viruses.

One such mishap causing an outage of all electronics in a geographical region could potentially cause extremely large damage. Ideas how to avoid or mitigate, and risk analysis in the comments are welcome.

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[This video] ( talks about solar storms that can cause large-scale power outages. The method of prevention is to observe CME and forecast solar storms. There are now artificial satellites orbiting the sun, and there is a [Space Weather] ( forecast website, which should be able to make accurate forecasts. Then when the solar storm arrives, the power is turned off actively.

So what other reasons caused the large-scale blackout?



This definitely needs to be prepared for. Enough of not preparing for a pandemic.