Problems: Geomagnetic storms.

Low Tech Mode


A mode in which social systems operate without electricy


A low-tech society operation mode could be developed through test-driven development. For example, it would make sense running the all-electronics failure testing for cities, like disconnecting an a city from the grid and turning off the communications systems for short times to assessing the potential immediate needs, and then building the "low-tech" mode for cities to operate.

For example, in low-tech mode, things like payment transactions, would not work, and supermarkets, suppliers, etc., should switch to other type of accounting and record keeping. There could be many other adaptations for the low-tech mode.

The goal of such testing would be to enable a city to switch to low-tech mode for long periods of time while sustaining economy for the period of time needed to recover with the help of some protected equipment.


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I like this idea. Every system needs to work with pen and paper at some point.

Well, how many systems can we afford to have safely be turned off, and have the society still function? I think that's one of the questions we should ask, as humanity and peoples.