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Content Reusability Problem

YAML Interest

Whenever we are writing anything on-line or off-line, we end up in content, that we might want to re-use some day. For example,

  1. Re-share a post to a set of friends on another social network,
  2. Translate and re-share fractions of a locally written wiki file with specific friends in context of the public part of the wiki, regardless of what social identity from a set of identities pre-approved by you the friend will use to identify with to see it, and allow to comment and contextually annotate them.
  3. Re-use parts of your content to produce a publishable, versioned, LaTeX paper, that inherits specific versions of your content (should each token of the text be under revision control system?).

As we currently write content on-line or off-line, there seem to be no easy language to inject parts of these web conversations into your own sites. E.g., in markdown there is no way to say {{ Gmail.user_or_label.messages(from=date,to=date) }}, or {{ Telegram.user_or_channel.messages(from=date,to=date, display_language='ru', exclude_messages=[], share_with=[Gmail.user[]]) }}, and have your text from that source included into your document in such a way, that it can only be viewed by the target friend, and would appear invisible to other viewers of the document, and get comments.

In other words, there is no way for a person to easily reuse any part of any of their communication to share what they want with whom they want.

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