Homepage 2.0



This would be a personal open-source system to connect all one's accessible web data into a usable semantic network and a language to access it all.

Homepage 2.0 would be a website made of 3 major components:

  • Daemons on personal devices like computers, phones, cars and other smart devices accessible to user, making data from various apps to which the user is logged onto available to the owner.
  • Local version of the website for editing and writing content conveniently, and producing markdown files with associated static files retrieved from daemons while editing.
  • Remote version of the website for sharing that data with others, implementing the access permissions based on social identities.

When user is typing (WYSIWYG), the user is automatically accessing the various device apps for data s/he needs as autosuggest to compose text (e.g., Gmail messages, Calendar events, etc. etc.). When user finishes writing a post, the user simply pushes the content to remote server.


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I guess, such daemon could only work with those phone or computer apps, which provide a local API to other applications on the system. Not all apps might need this. If an app has a public API, no need to query the device for information.

The device daemons could only be useful for accessing things not available otherwise, e.g., apps that don't provide public API, things on the system like photos on the phone, which are not uploaded to any cloud services.