Ensure That Sentient Beings Stay Healthy and Performing Optimally

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This would be part of the goal to ensure we have high quality of life. While generally, the health and wellness of one organisms may incur un-wellness of others, I suppose majority would agree that, given that wellness of one organisms does not significantly impair the wellness of others, we would generally want the health and wellness to all, especially those sentient, that can feel pain and joy.

The "performing optimally" part would be debatable -- i.e., what does it mean to be performing optimally (E.g., with respect to what goals, optimally? If a cat or dog does not have have tricolor vision, is that sub-optimal? If a long-distance pilot is not able to be awake for more than 20 hours straight, is that sub-optimal? If a school teacher is hyper-interested in mathematics, and forgets to teach ethics, is that sub-optimal?) - optimally performing being is an open question, as open as what are our goals for which we optimize.

Therefore, I would suggest the meaning of "stay healthy" -- be the main one here, just constrained by global optimality. That is, if there are beings that abuse the powers that being healthy provides, that would be an exception to generality, because that is not an optimal performance.

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