Order-to-Make E-commerce


An online shop selling licenses to CAD drawings along with manufacturing services from local manufacturing shops.


Imagine an online shop, where you can browse virtual products with photos of their rated historical making samples, add them to cart, and then match up with possible manufacturing shops that can make them based on the drawings, which you have to choose upon checkout, in a similar way that we choose a delivery method before checkout.

Upon successful order, the shop would send the drawing and create the order with the manufacturing shop selected, nearby the location that the ordering user has chosen. Once the product is produced, it is delivered directly to the nearby customer.

Expected implications:

  • Such an online marketplace would connect engineers of products with the markets directly, enabling them to profit from the license fees on every sale, and also, enable the R&D processes in the society through the sales of incremental and small components, that further funds the larger projects that require those components.
  • This would also be beneficial for supporting of local making shops, rather than delegating the manufacturing to the world's far-away and large-scale manufacturing hubs.

How did I come up with this? Well, I have a problem of developing a prototype of a modular product, and I'd like to sell modules, which are simple enough to be made by small manufacturing companies around the world, and useful enough, that people may want to actually buy them.


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