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Child categories: Gamified Self-Inquiry and Expression, Dressing up future humans, Care-based futures, Boredom, Homebase Administration, Conflict of Interest, Reshape Global Governance To Address Global Catastrophic Risks, Security, Organization, People in Hospitals, Banks and elsewhere have to wait too long for their turn, Leadership, Community, Community Engagement, Inclusion, Future Professions, Enabling People to Realize Ideas and Solve Problems, Options for socially sharing code & math, Technological Unemployment, Work Anytime Anywhere, Jobs Automation, Jobs Creation, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, Equal Opportunity, Enable open source projects be supported with comparable amounts to startups, Equal Pay, Gender Equality, Inequality, Income Inequality, Gender Discrimination, Disadvantaged and Marginalized Populations, Disabilities, Social Security, Violence Against Women and Girls, Civil Engagement, Charities, Volunteering, Global Citizenship, Creating Deep Connections and Love in Society, Having World Where Everything That Anyone Truly Wishes, Exists, Social Protection, Social Welfare, Social Insurance, Unemployment, Universal Basic Income, Open Data, Social services data aggregation problem, Social issues, Uniting behind goals, The Problem of High Suicide Rate, Poverty, Hunger, Combat hunger all over the world, Fighting Hunger Worldwide, Food Access, Future Tribes, Thinking Culture, Meta-Biomimicry, Humans as Community, True Co-Operation, Buying Silence, Digital Transformation, Online text chat usually a monoculture, Incentivizing Breakthroughs, Sustainable Development, Export, Existential Risk, Co-Existence Philosophy, Syntropy and Living Systems, Nuclear Weapons, Crime and violence, Women Leadership, Maternity Benefits, Decentralization, Teaching People to Understand Each Other, Connecting people seamlessly, Discovering people with shared interests as we browse the real world, Contests.

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