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Dressing up future humans

How might we classify clothing elements and imagine new ones?

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Some elements in clothing are considered to be more female like:

  • Lace

  • Aprons

  • One shoulder or no shoulder tops

  • "Petukai" in vintage clothing

While other elements in clothing are more male like:

  • Tiny pockets for tools in workmen's uniforms

  • Belts for bullets

  • Shoulder-straps

While some elements are no gender like:

  • Oversized clothing

  • Pants, jeans

  • Tshirts

If you were to classify elements in clothing, how would you do it? What else would you add to this list? I'm curious to mix and match existing elements in outfits for unseen oufits & to imagine what new elements could be created under an intent of dressing a future human.

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Fashion interests me because what we wear works like a trigger in society. Fashion shapes social norms. For example, punk movement was partly expressed through wearing heavy boots and ripped jeans. Through outfit, one can see their tribe member on the street. Within outfit comes behaviours and values attached to that subculture.

In older times, women would wear heavy dresses that are like sculptures put on them. These outfits promoted certain values again.

So, looking ahead, I'm curious what elements will be in outfits of the future? Secondary question is, what values/behaviours will these futuristic outfits will promote?

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Any fashion that limits what I need to carry with me every day. Perhaps t shirts that are chipped and have biometric data and a account number to pay for things with, so I can go to a shop or restaurant and pay with the clothes I am wearing. By scanning the tshirt and entering a password on the keypad.

Or some way to carry a USB charger cable with me, that isn't awkward.