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Future Tribes

What identities would connect people of the future?

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Humans are social beings so it's likely that we'll reinvent communities as a way to be together. But how would we bond in the future? In the past, we bonded through family relations, physical location. Today, we bond through interests.

What about tomorrow? Perhaps if self-exploration trend continues more people would know themselves and then we'd bond based on values. Also, short term needs.

What is a tribe in the future?

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I was randomly imagining future tribes based on values:

Burners: Burning Man type of people who seek experiences and value creative expression of all kinds.

Offgriders: Invisible communities living off-grid.

Calculators: Those who love the quality of life and new gadgets and scoring corporate ladder badges.

Who else? :) This is a creative exercise!

I've had discussions about unity with Mindey. We have different views of unity. I think unity is a beautiful concept, where people believe the same things and unite on some thing. It could be as simple as going to the same cafe because you believe in the cafe's values or quality of coffee. It's a trivial example of unity.

I believe you can unite on random variables. And I'm a member of different groups: single man, aged 30, computer enthusiast, cafe goer

I want an application on my phone called "Unity" which lets me find people who believe the same thing as me and allows me to interact with them.